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Overview of Programs of Be-COS Inc.

 Be-COS Programs
The Board of Directors of Be-Cos Inc, creates its programs through partnerships and collaboration with existing service programs and agencies and with funding from philanthropic foundations, local state, and federal programs, and private donations. Be-COS Inc. is currently offering it Counseling and Outreach Center at the Salvation Army's Homeless Shelter (including The Red Shield Lodge-125 bed Emergency Shelter; Hope House-50 bed Transitional Housing for Men and Hospitality House-Transitional Housing for 29 Women and 21 children) in Tampa, FL. The Center offers four Programs which support one another, they are Survival Services; Rehabilitative Services; Vocational Training Services and Life Savoring Services.
 1. Survival Services

1. The Be-COS Nutrition Program: As of October 15, 2012, Be-COS is contracted by Salvation Army, to provide a warm evening meal on Mondays-Fridays at the Salvation Army's Hospitality House on Florida Avenue from 4:30-6 pm for the residents of their Emergency Shelter and Transitional Living Facilities. Be-COS also prepares nutritious sandwich packages on Saturdays and Sundays for these residents.

2. The Be-COS Clothes Closet: Be-COS collects clothing, bedding, hygiene supplies and other necessary merchandize needed by the homeless and unemployed to survive, keep warm and be safe and distributes them through closets offered in the Hope and Hospitality Houses of the Salvation Army.

3. The Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Outreach Program: a coordinated program to provide counseling and support services to these Youth in various sites around the community.

4. The Be-COS Referral Center: a ongoing referral effort linking Be-COS clients to existing agencies and health care programs which can address their individual needs especially housing. The Referral Center will be manned by volunteers from the community and representatives from the various partnering agencies and programs which collaborate with Be-COS in the provision of its services.

2. Rehabilitative Services


1. The Be-COS Counseling Center: a free counseling program in which mental health counselors provide services of emotional support, PTSD and/or TBI intervention, career guidance and case management for substance abuse issues. They also provide the job coaching and mentoring in the Training to Lead Employment Program run by Be-COS. The Counseling Center is also a training program for graduate students in the counseling and mental health profession where they can learn how to work with the people who most need their services but who cannot afford them.

2. The Be-COS Outreach Center: a free counseling service which goes out into the Tampa Bay Community to serve Veterans and their family members after coming home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan specializing in PTSD, TBI and Combat Stress.

3. Vocational Training Services

The Vocational Training Programs at Be-COS, Inc is staffed by volunteers and current and former Be-COS clients. The goal is that peer trainers will motivate their trainees to accomplish all that they can so that one day they will be able to hold down a paying job in the community.
1. The Be-COS Training to Lead Employment Program: During the Weekly Evening Meal Program at the Salvation Army this program provides training for Be-COS clients in culinary skills, procedures, techniques and functions needed to operate a commercial kitchen and prepare meals in bulk quantity in sanitary and clean facilities licensed by the health department of the community. On Monday evenings and during the weekdays, the Training continues with Leadership Development Classes in leadership development philosophies of the FISH programs, Starbucks, Disney, The Ritz Carlton, Southwest Airlines, Who Moved My Cheese, Our Iceberg is Melting and the content from a variety of management experts. The trainees also receive a weekly job coaching and mentoring session with the mental health counselors on staff in the program. The goal is provide these trainees with expertise which is very attractive to their potential employers who are looking for managerial, supervisory or training skills in their candidates.
2. The Be-COS Trades Training: provides linkage to training for Be-COS clients in skills, procedures, techniques and functions needed to do a variety of trades such as Home repair and remodeling; Landscaping and Lawn Care; Housekeeping and Retail which enables Be-COS clients to enter the various employment fields such training makes possible for them.
3. The Be-COS Education Center: a training center in which Be-COS clients are trained to pass GED examination so as to gain a High School Diploma or tutoring in reading and or mathematical skills which will enable Be-COS clients to gain entry into employment in the community

4. The Be-COS Vocational Training Center: additional training is linked to or provided Be-COS clients by volunteers who donate training, mentoring and educational programs in such fields as: computer science and technology, auto mechanics, retailing, and any other career or vocational effort which attracts volunteer trainers from the community.

4. Life Savoring Services

1. Arts: in development through use of the ARTthread Inc Arts Program which is an ongoing computer based arts program, Be-COS clients will be able create their own pieces of computer generated art, maintain their own personal computer based gallery of this art and sell online their ARTthread art work through the ARTthread online store.
2. Music: In development is the Be-COS Voices of the Spirit Program which will be an ongoing volunteer led program of oral and instrumental music programming in which the Be-COS clients participate in choirs, quartets, bands, chamber music groups and organized sing-a-long programs by which they can give voice to the changes occurring in their lives

3. Crafts: In development is an ongoing volunteer led crafts support program in which Be-COS clients can learn to do pottery, weaving, printing, water colors, pastel drawing and other creative arts projects by which they will be able to demonstrate the hope and refocused life direction they are achieving with the support of the Be-COS programs.

Unique Feature of Be-COS Inc Programming

Many of the training programs at Be-COS will be able to provide services and products to members of the community through fees for services and merchandise. This will enable the program to begin to become self-sufficient and not totally dependent on external financial support. The volunteers organizing Be-COS Inc are committed to conducting ongoing research into the programming of the services to be better able to identify the Evidenced Based Practices which are effective, efficient and validated as successful means of empowering the disenfranchised members in a community into transformed and empowered individuals who can be self-sufficient contributing members of their communities.