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Treatment for Alcohol & Substance Use Disorders - A Training Resource

By Jim Messina, Ph.D., CCMHC, NCC, DCMHS-T

COPING.US Training Programs: SFBT Presentation

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

CEU’s: 2-3 hours based on request (CE Broker Tracking #: 20-615492)

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Program Description: This program is focused on providing an Evidence Based Practice of Solution Focused Brief Therapy which when implemented appropriately will get unmotivated clients to become active in their recovery. To understand this model, one must also understand the Application of the Stages of Change Model. Case studies will be utilized to assist the trainees to become skilled in strategies for evoking self-motivation; the art of asking open-ended questions and how to utilize motivational enhanced therapy in a brief interventional format.

Learning Objectives

1. To learn how in Solution Focused Brief Therapy that emphasis is placed on building exceptions to the presenting problem and making rapid transitions to identifying and developing solutions intrinsic to the client or problem.

2. To learn a whole new way of dealing with clients which focuses on their competence rather than their pathology, while finding unique solutions for each person and using past successes to foster resilience and belief in self-empowerment.

3. To learn how the model looks at the clients as the experts and how to share responsibility with the clients by using exceptions to help open their minds' doors to optimism.

4. To learn about additional methodologies or strategies which can be incorporated in the SFBT model and to then put them into practice in role-play experiences with fellow workshop participants.

COPING.US Training Programs: Dealing with Co-Morbidities

Co-Occurring Disorders of Substance Use & Mental Health Disorders

CEU’s: 2-3 hours based on request (CE Broker Tracking #20-615480)

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Program Description: This program is focused on the co-occurring mental health disorders which can be co-morbid with substance use disorders according to the DSM-5 including: Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Sleep-Wake Disorders, Sexual Dysfunctions and Neurocognitive Disorders by the specific substances which have been identified as co-occurring with the specific mental health disorders. There is a need for therapists to understand the brain and neurological functions which lie as the cause of these co-morbidities.  There is a need to treat co-occurring disorders in an integrated fashion and not rely on "old school" models of treating them sequentially, parallel separately or left untreated. To help bring home the application of co-morbid interventions case studies will be used widely in this workshop.

Learning Objectives

1.To learn about the tools to assess and Apps to treat these co-morbidities.

2. To learn about the neurological functions in the brain which lie as the cause of these co-morbidities.

3. To learn the rationale behind the need to use integrated treatment strategies when addressing these co-morbidities.

4. To learn about why it is impossible to just treat one condition in isolation from the other co-morbidities if one wants to gain maximal effectiveness for the patients suffering from them.

I’m Your Disease

I hate meetings. I hate a Higher Power. I hate anyone who has a program. To all who come into contact with me, I wish suffering and I wish death.

Allow me to introduce myself, I am the disease of addiction. Cunning, Baffling and Powerful, that’s me.

I love to catch you with the element of surprise. I love pretending I am your friend and lover. I have given you comfort, have I not? Wasn’t I there when you were Lonely? When you wanted to die, didn’t you call me? I was there.

I love to make you hurt. I love to make you cry. Better yet, I love to make you so numb you neither hurt nor cry. When you can’t feel anything at all: This is true glory.

I will give you instant gratification, and all that I ask of you is long-term suffering. I’ve been there for you always. When things weren’t going right in your life, you invited me. You said you didn’t deserve these good things, and I was the ONLY ONE who would agree with you. Together we were able to DESTROY ALL THINGS GOOD in your life.

People don’t take me seriously. They take strokes seriously, heart attacks seriously, even diabetes they take seriously. Fools that they are, they do not know that without my help many of these things would not be made possible.

I am such a hated disease, and yet I do not come uninvited. You CHOOSE TO HAVE ME. So many have chosen me over REALITY and PEACE.

More than you hate me, I hate all of you who have a Twelve-Step Program, your Meetings, your Higher Power, ALL WEAKEN ME, and I cannot function in the manner I am accustomed to.

Now I must lie here quietly. You don’t see me. BUT I AM GROWING – BIGGER THAN EVER. When you only exist, I may live. When you live, I only exist. BUT I AM HERE … and until we meet again, if we meet … again, I WISH YOU SUFFERING AND DEATH.