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Coping with COVID-19 -

Information Resource

NOTE: Over the time of this Pandemic of COVID-19 this website will be offering tips to its readers how to survive the biggest Mental Health Challenge facing the world in our lifetime. We will focus on insights and ideas shared publicly by various Medical and Mental Health, Researchers and Professionals and concerned world citizens. You will see throughout this page we have used the World Health Organization (WHO) info-grams given they are based on science and for that reason extremely trustworthy. We have broken out TipSheets into 7 Distinct topics and then added an 8th section which is the public programs via zoom we will be providing to mental health and substance abuse service agency staff members as well as citizens in the Tampa Bay area. We firmly believe that it is always best to beat this virus to go with Science not "Happy Talk." Our hope is that the Tips on this page will help you to get through these tough times. If you have found an article, website or chart which you think would be a good fit for this site, please send it along to

Till we talk again, Stay SAFE and SOUND.

Jim Messina, Editor COPING.US