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Have Fun During Fun-less COVID-19

Coping with COVID-19 -

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Table of Contents
1.Online Resources to search for Fun Activities to do with your family
2.Creative Activities to do with your family
3. Physical Exercise you can do at home
4. My 2020 COVID-19 Time Capsule
5. Name that Feeling - Staying at Home Family Challenge
6. Alisa and the Coronavirus
7. Watch Fun Videos at Home
8. Getting back to nature through green exercise to cope with COVID-19
9. Say you cannot go out into the outdoors then what?
10. Take a Stroll in a Beautiful Urban Floral Garden
1. Online Resources to search for Fun Activities to do with your family

250+ Creative Ways to Keep Your Family Sane During COVID-19 Crisis at Kids out and About at:

43 Fun Things to do this Summer While You're Social Distancing - Have a ball this summer in spite of coronarvirus at Real Simple at:

Activity Ideas for Kids during COVID-19 at Children's Hospital of Orange County at:
2. Creative Activities To Do with Your Family

20 Creative Activities for Kids to Do at Home during COVID-10 at Rocket Homes at:

30 Creative Ways to Spend Your free time during COVID-19 at North West Arkansas Community College at:

Art Making Activities for Your Kids During COVID-19 at Artwork Archives at:

Stay-at-Home Guide: 100s of Activities and Resources for Families on Pause at Mommy Poppins at:

Student Activies Pre-school - High School at WideOPENSchool at:
 Backyard Geology DIGS - A Different Take on a Scavenger Hunt
This article "Discover the Fun of Backyard Geology" by Herman Samano on website invites parents to have their kids explore their backyard for geological finds. By such exploration kids can find three different types of rocks: Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic and learn about their make up and differences. The sedimentary rocks could even have fossils in them. How cool is that!  Of course Mom's don't forget that there could gems out there in those backyard hills so get the kids digging and have great fun!
Fun Family Activity - Attracting Hummingbirds

Fun Family Activity-Attracting Hummingbirds
Learn more about attacking Hummingbirds at Home at:

4. MY 2020 COVID-19 Time Capsule

My COVID-19 Time Capsule is a fantastic activity for you and all of your family member no matter where they are residing during the Stay at Home Time. This is an 11 page activity that little kids, big kids and old fart kids can do. Here are some ideas how to use it:

Activity One

1. Print out a separate copy of this Time Capsule for each person living in your home and then email the PDF to your extended family and friends who are practicing Social Distancing

2. Challenge these family members and friends to fill out their Time Capsule and put it in a safe place to take out when we are no longer staying in place due to COVID-19.

Activity Two

1. An alternative is to complete your Time Capsule and immediately convene your family and friends to whom you sent the Time Capsule. By Zoom, Face Time or Conference Call go over each of the 11 pages one at a time and have each person tell you what they put down. If you have video have them show it.

2. You might want to do only 1 or 2 pages at a time so that everyone can get it done. This sharing with each other will hopefully encourage each of you to expand your creativity to think of new and exciting things to do at this time. ONCE the sharing is done then place it aside until we are no longer staying in place due to COVID-19.

Activity Three

1. Complete the Time Capsule on your own. Then send out the PDF to family, friends, co-workers, fellow club members, fellow synagogue and church members, neighbors and any other folks you would like to give this MY COVID-19 TIME CAPSULE CHALLENGE to.

2. That's right this is a challenge to all those folks to fill it out and then set it aside until we are no longer staying in place due to COVID-19.

3. Once things are back to normal invite all the people who took the challenge to submit their Time Capsules at a reunion you set up with them and then have all the participants vote on what they felt was the most compelling Time Capsule and once the votes are tallied that person is declared the WINNER of MY COVID-19 TIME CAPSULE CHALLENGE!

NOTE: My thanks to my friend Rick who sent in the Time Capsule PDF and my hope is that you all will give it a try. It is a hoot!
5. Name that Feeling -
Staying at Home Family Challenge
DIRECTIONS: Name that Feeling Challenge

People who live in the same home during the COVID-19 Stay at Home Orders, set up a table with blank paper and pen or pencil for each person sitting at the table. Then ask each person to work on their own to name the feelings being shown on each of the 30 faces. Then once you all have written down what the feelings are that each of the faces display, have each person explain why they chose the feelings named. Once all 30 faces of feelings have been discussed then vote for each face for what the actual feeling each face displays. This is a game where only the majority wins. So choose carefully.

Once you complete the naming then openly discuss which of these faces of feelings are what the players have felt or are feeling during these difficult times. Hopefully you all will recognize that you all are having emotions and feelings which are common and that it is OK to be open to express these feelings in your house. After all, you all want to survive these challenging times of loneliness, isolation and boredom.

This Feeling Challenge could also be converted to a live "role play feelings" game where the person who is up displays a feeling and the group has to guess what it is and they only have five chances to get the right answer. You get 1 point if you were right and you do the game until you have covered at least 30 different feelings like in the original game.
6. Alisa and the Coronavirus
This book was made available by the Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL. The children's book helps parents too spur conversations with their children about COVID-19's impact on their daily lives. It was written by Gena L. Thomas with her four-year-old daughter Juniper. Each Page includes a reflection question and a drawing Challenge.  Click Here to Download

7. Watch Fun Videos At Home

Fun COVID-19 Videos: On YouTube  at:


Parody's about COVID-19: On YouTube at:



Quarantine Parody's: On YouTube at:


COVID-19 Parody Music: On YouTube at: 


COVID-19 Inspired Toilet Paper Shortage: On YouTube at:


PS these lists of COVID-19 Fun go on and on and should keep you busy when you are bored and have nothing better to do Cool


8. Getting Back to Nature Through Green Exercise to Cope with COVID-19

Here are list of activities which you can do in nature, which Green Exercise can have positive impact on your mental health during these stressful times:

  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Gardening
  • Farming activities

Here the types of nature environments you might want to explore during these stressful times:

  • Waters: Ponds, Lakes, Streams, Rivers, Bays, Gulfs and Oceans
  • Countryside: Farmlands, Forests and Woodlands
  • Wild habitats
  • Urban Greens

The study: What is the Best Dose of Nature and Green Exercise for Improving Mental Health found that self-esteem and improved mood came from Green Exercise irrespective of duration, intensity and location (Barton & Petty, 2010). Click to read the article

NOTE: My thanks to our brother Gary who sent this article which is so timely at this time in our lives.


9. Say you cannot get out into
the Outdoors then What?

Being stuck at home can lead to “cabin fever.” It can also trigger anxiety and lead to depression. So what can you do to help stay active and energetic?

As you know going to the gym or going out to run and exercise has been limited at this time. This has made it challenging to maintain regular exercise. Being stuck at home can lead to “cabin fever.” It can also trigger anxiety and lead to depression. So what can you do to help stay active and energetic?

Exercise is a very low cost way of keeping your mood up and has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Moreover, where you exercise does not matter. If you’re unable to go outside or to a gym to work out, you can exercise in your house and still enjoy the mental health boost as well as the clear physical health benefits.

What types of exercises can you do indoors? There are plenty of choices: squats, lunges, jumping jacks, and pushups are some examples. You can hop on a treadmill, download an indoor-cycling app, subscribe to an online workout program, or start a zoom yoga class with friends.

Do you have stairs? Then walk up and down the stairs for about 10 minutes for a short cardio workout. You can make this more challenging by carrying a couple of detergent bottles or packing a few books in a backpack. In fact, wearing a loaded backpack while doing squats, lunges, or pushups makes each of those exercises more challenging.

Try this circuit to get your heart rate up:

  1. 10 jumping jacks
  2. 10 pushups
  3. 10 squats
  4. 10 sit ups
  5. 10 lunges

Rest 60 seconds, then repeat twice. Doing this short workout three times a week can help relieve your stress and energize you to endure this challenging time.

Read more at:

10. Take a Stroll in a Beautiful
Urban Floral Garden
Below is a PDF of a beautiful Stroll you can take in a beautiful floral garden. Take your time and look at the beauty of the flowers and the unique designs they were put in to. This was the work of a Floral Design artist Lewis Miller and his design company put up floral displays in Manhattan during the COVID-19 crisis in the city. Enjoy the sights of these wonderful uplifting floral arrangements.
Walking through the Flowers Imagine a Swere Comes Your Way
  • A swerve smells astringent, like the wind off the sea
  • it tastes red, the way Red Hot cinnamon mints burn in your mouth;
  • it's heavy, the way the weight of letters is heavy,
  • arriving in sacks at the Senate;
  • it sounds like the click of needles
  • as hundreds of thousands of women knit pink hats;
  • it looks like a coyote, crossing the freeway to go home.
  • At any Moment, There could be a Swerve in a Different Direction

Ellery Akers
New York Times Magazine, 5/10/20