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Victorious Living - 

Spiritual Foundation for 

Healthy Living and Coping
By Jim Messina, Ph.D., CCMHC, NCC, DCMHS-T

Introduction to Victorious Living
Spiritual Foundation for Healthy Living and Coping

At a Promise Keeper's Gathering in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1995, I made a commitment to pursue a deeper understanding of the Scriptures so that I would have a firmer understanding of theology and history of my beliefs. I did this with no real understanding of the ramifications of this event on me, my family, my marriage or my work. Ten years earlier in March 1985 on my fortieth birthday I had come to another major insight, which impacted the rest of my life. I realized that I was an “over-controller” due to my need for approval and low self-esteem. I set out in 1985 on a journey of personal recovery, which resulted in ten books called the Tools for Coping Series published in 1992. I had used this model of recovery successfully but something was missing. The materials used the 12-step model with heavy reliance on a “Higher Power.” I felt serene, secure and at peace. However, there was a “missing piece” from this model, which I found on that day in 1995. The missing piece was that the Higher Power was God and that this God desired a personal relationship with me. My God's power, love, and lifegiving spirit are well documented in the Bible. I began a conscientious study of the Bible and today have 40 graduate hours in Biblical Based Theology as part of this search along with ongoing weekly Bible Study programming.

What an earth shaking change this has had in my life. My family sees me now as a more relaxed, centered and peaceful man who no longer tries to control, fix or take care of them. My wife finds me to be less angry, more peaceful, and more loving towards her. I have found that my clients are more responsive to a real God focus and much happier with the concept that they have a relationship with God.  

I am living a victorious life in God due to the 1995 experience. Prior to then I had learned how to improve my self-esteem and thus reduce my over-controlling nature. Now I was able to use the scriptures to back up the believes and principles of the Tools for Coping Books which I had written. Now here is the sad fact. When I meet with my fellow believers however I find most of them lacking in the Serenity, peace and victory which coming to a deeper understanding of Scriptures has meant for me. My conclusion has been that many if not most of these unhappy believers do not realize what a wonderful Gift they have in God. God has come into their lives and he dwells within each one of them. He is there to be personally relied upon at all times. God is their protector, guardian and place of refuge where they can go when the burdens of life are overwhelming. However, many of my fellow believers lack the tools necessary to convert this personal relationship with God into a victorious life filled with happiness, contentment, free of guilt and worry free. What follows is a short course for my fellow believers on how to overcome and heal their anger filled or over-controlling natures so that they can experience a healthier, happier and more victorious life in God.
Jim Messina (First published in 2010).