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Racial Equality & Social Justice

 During COVID-19

Multicultural Competency

A Training Resource
By James J. Messina, Ph.D.

Beyond a Perfect Storm

In August 2020, the American Mental Health Counselors Association published a report called "Beyond the Perfect Storm." In the report they cover the national impact of the four components of this "Perfect Storm" which are:
1. The Wave of Institutional Racism and Discrimination
2. The Wave of COVID-19
3. The Wave of Economic Calamity
4. A Tsunami of Mental Health Misery
And lastly the report concludes with the Opportunities to Transform the Mental Health System

To Download this report click here
COVID-19 Impact on Immigrants and Dreamers
On, there is a new section on DACA and Immigration. Specifically there is a section on the COVID-19 Impact on Immigrants and Dreamers. This new section has a powerful message that all of us who know little to nothing about DACA, Undocumented Immigrants or Immigration policy ought to read and do more research on. There are excellent links on this section which you can explore to enlighten yourself more. The section is called DACA and Immigration Issues in Light of COVID-19 just click on the Link with name and you will reach it.
Racism and COVID-19

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COVID-19 Rise in Anti-Asian Racism

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21-Day Ignatian Racial Equity Challenge
This 21-Day Challenge was initiated by the Ignatian Solidarity Network at John Carroll University in University Heights, Ohio. The goal of this program that the challenge will provide a way for people to begin or continue the process of anti-racism in their lives and communities by exploring racial equity in light of personal faith and Ignatian Spirituality. The Ignatian motto is "for the greater glory of God" and this program is aimed at working at reducing racism in our society  which they say is "for the Greater Glory of God.

You can sign up for the 21-Day Ignatian Racial Equity Challenge at their website:

Other resources available for those who take on this 21-Day Challenge are:
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Additional Resouces on Racial Equality and Social Justice during COVID-19

COVID-19 - Racial Equity & Social Justice Resources from Racial Equity Tools at:
What if ...White People Took Responsibility for Our Roles in This Moment? By Kathleen Osta at National Equity Project at:
A Note to Black People Coming Into Consciousness During 2020 Pandemic-Quarantine by Eli Davis at National Equity Project at
From The Opportunity Agenda: Ten Lessions for Talking About Race, Racism and Racial Justice at
Anti-Racism Defined at Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre at:
White Privilege and White Silence on Racial and Social Injustices

'There is no Neutral': 'Nice White People' Can Still Be Complicit in a Racist Society at:
How Can We Win - Kimberly Jones Spontaneous Speech June 1, 2020 at:
Kimberly Jones - Speaking Out About Black Experience in America on Trevoer Noah's The Daily Social Distancing Show June 19, 2020 at:
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'Karen' New Meme during COVID-19 Times
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