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Lectures On Neuroscience

Introduction to Neuroscience 

For Mental Health Professionals

To give you a good overview of neuroscience and strategies for healing of the brain, view the following numbered video lectures first. Once you have watched these and if you want more enriched learning then watch the rest of them in the order presented below.


1. Mapping Memory in the Brain (December 2008) by Eric Kandel (58 minutes)Excellent history of studies of how the brain functions and explores the concept of implicit and explicit memory which functions in two distinct regions of the brain.
NOTE: this lecture was the first of four lectures entitled: Making Your Mind: Molecules, Motion, and Memory. You can view these four at: 
The four are:
1. Mapping Memory in the Brain
2. Building Brains: The Molecular Logic of Neural Circuits
3. Plan of Action: How the Spinal Cord Control Movement
4. Memories are Made of this

2. Traumatic Brain Injury: Personal Journeys of Survivors and their Caregivers available on an impressive website on TBI: 

Watch the 5 Journeys of Survivors:
Chuck, Matthew, Michael, Ted and Scott
and Watch the 5 Journeys of Cargivers:
Allison, Sarah, Susan, Shannon and Mary
Then explore the website for an impressive source of training and documents for caregivers to assist their TBI survivors gain back what they have lost due to their injuries.


3.Consciousness, Creativity & the Brain (March 10, 2008) by David Lynch, John Hagelin and Fred Travis (1 hour 49 minutes) Explore how consciousness and creativity keep the brain activated and alive throughout life! This is an introduction to impact of Transcendental Meditation on the brain.


4. (2 videos in this section)
1. The Neuroscience of Emotions (Sept 16, 2008) by Dr Philippe Goldin (1 hour):Overview of Emotions – Identifying where in the brain they have their greatest impact-introduction of neuroplasticity
2. Cognitive Neuroscience of Mindfulness Meditation (Feb 28, 2008) by Dr Philippe Goldin (45 min):  Neuroscience of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)


5. Nutrients for Better Mental Performance (Dec 2, 2009) by Steven William Fowkes (1 hour and 3 minutes) Presentation on how to nurture the brain through a healthy balance of nutrients:


6. (2 videos in this section) 
1. Mindfulness Stress ReductionAnd Healing (Mar 8, 2007) by Jon Kabat Zinn (1 hour 14 minutes) Overview of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR):
2. Mindfulness Meditation (Oct 11, 2007) by Jon Kabat Zinn (1 hour 12 minutes) Experience Mindfulness by means of this lecture so as to better understand what Mindfulness is:


7. Transform Your Mind, Change Your Brain Neuroplasticity and Personal Transformation (Sept 23, 2009) by Richard Davidson (1 hour 5 minutes) A strong presentation on brain neuroplasticity and how one can change one’s brain through thoughtful effort:


8.Rich Hansen (May 12, 2010) – Author Buddha’s Brain: the Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love and Wisdom (59 minutes) A chance to hear from the author of “Buddha’s Brain” and hear his theoretical model of how one can change one’s mind through changing the focus of the brain:  

Other Informative Videos to expand your understanding of Neuroscience:  

Change your Brain, Change Your Life    7 video series:

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life The Inner Conditions for Authentic Happiness (July 24, 2007) by Daniel Amen (59 minutes)

Toward the First Revolution in the Mind Sciences (August 8, 2006) by Alan Wallace (1 hour and 2 minutes)  


Love, Belief, and Neurobiology of Attachment Research Channel (Nov 8, 2006) by Paul J. Zak (52 min):   


Managing Stress and Psychosomatic Disorders through Meditation (April 23, 2008) by Villy Doctor (59 minutes)   


The Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence (Sept 2, 2008) by Rupert Sheldrake (1 hour 37 minutes)


Healthy Sleep and Optimal Performance (Sept 28, 2008) by Dr. William Dement (59 minutes)   


Be Your Own Therapist (Oct 8, 2008) by Robina Courtin (1 hour and 1 minute)   


Mindsight: The new science of Personal Transformation (April 22, 2009) By Daniel Siegel (1 hour and 2 minutes)


Your Brain at Work (Nov 12, 2009) by David Rock (52 minutes)  

Meditation as Medicine: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction – An approach to stress reduction, chronic pain and illness (May 17, 2010) by Bob Stahl (59 minutes)