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By Jim Messina, Ph.D., CCMHC, NCC, DCMHS-T


Good News is that on December 23, 2022, Congress passed the Mental Health Access Improvement Act (S.828/H.R.432), a bill which expanded Medicare coverage to include two new groups of mental health providers: Licensed Mental Health/Professional Counselors and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists.  This legislation signed by President Biden goes into effect January 2024 and adds marriage and family therapists and mental health counselors to the list of health care practitioners who can accept payment from Medicare Part B health insurance. Part B is the component of Medicare that covers outpatient services, such as doctor visits.

Bad News is that most of these therapists and counselors have had no formal training in serving clients who are 65 years or older. 

But the Good News is that efforts are being made such as on this website to expand the training for therapists and counselors in the field of gerontology to catch them up to speed on the needs of this senior population and the evidenced based treatment approaches which assist them in dealing with their mental health concerns. 


Where Can You Get More Information on 

Working with Aging Adults?

Go to ITTI’s Website and Enroll in its 18 module CEU course:

Counseling Aging Seniors



Counseling Aging Seniors (CAS), 18 CE Hours

ITTI is an approved NBCC continuing education provider. ACEP # 6674

  • DATE: Register at any time
  • DELIVERY METHOD: 18 Modules, Self-Paced Online
  • CE HOURS: 18
  • COURSE FEE: $219. All course material is provided.
  • INSTRUCTOR: James J Messina, Ph.D., NCC, CCMHC, DMHS-T

COMPLETION DOCUMENT: After successfully finishing the course, you will receive a completion document indicating 18 CE hours earned.


  • This course is built around 18 modules. Each module is presented as a narrated PowerPoint.
  • At the end of each module participants are expected to pass a quiz with a minimum grade of 80% in order to advance to the next module.
  • Participants must complete the modules in the order they are presented. Completion documentation will be provided after the 18th module.


The purpose of this comprehensive course is to teach participants how to work effectively with Aging Seniors, to learn about Medicare, and to become advocates for this expanding population as mental health providers in most mental health situations.

This eighteen-module online training will cover the following topics:

  • Module 1. Counseling Aging Seniors Introduction
  • Module 2. Typical Mental Health Conditions of Aging Seniors
  • Module 3. Aging Seniors and SUDS
  • Module 4. Evidence Based Treatments for Aging Seniors
  • Module 5. Use of MBSR with Aging Seniors
  • Module 6. ESBT-Motivational Interviewing with Aging Seniors
  • Module 7. Dealing with Alzheimer’s when Working with Aging Seniors
  • Module 8. Helping Aging Seniors Deal with Grief
  • Module 9. Reminiscence Therapy with Aging Seniors
  • Module 10. Retirement for Aging Seniors
  • Module 11. Wellness Program for Aging Seniors
  • Module 12. Dealing with COVID-19 with Aging Seniors
  • Module 13. Medicare Coverage for Mental Health Services Provided to Aging Seniors
  • Module 14. Logistics of Paperwork when Dealing with Medicare
  • Module 15. Assessments required by Medicare in getting an Aging Senior approved for Mental Health Services
  • Module 16. Three Obstacles to Overcome Aging Seniors in Counseling Aging Seniors
  • Module 17. A 12 Step Approach to Counseling Aging Seniors
  • Module 18. Advocating for Aging Seniors a Priority for Mental Health Providers